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viasuggest lets your users find what they are searching for - before they have even searched!

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Suggest to Your Users Everything They Can Find - and Instantly

Getting your users to the relevant content quickly is key to many different search applications such as online retail stores, news sites, travel portals etc. The best guidance towards your content is showing query suggestions right in the search box. These suggestions should explain what the user can actually search for.

Search suggestions from content

In many current web sites, these suggestions are either not present or based on small and noisy query logs, and thus provide little information for your users.

viasuggest provides a unique way to draw suggestions directly from the content while also offering approximative matching, structured search with appropriate ranking and fast performance.

Instant Results

viasuggest provides the fastest way to the right destination. Smart search understands what users are looking for – before they have actually done the search.

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Increased conversion

When users find what they are looking for, we guarantee that the conversion rates will increase.

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New marketing opportunities

Display the most important results first. viasuggest provides new and exciting opportunities for strategic marketing in search

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As simple as that

viasuggest works - regardless of which platform your website is based on.

Retrieve data

We retrieve all the content of your website and use linguistic analysis to identify and index the content.


We implement a ranking model based on your business goals.

Run search

viasuggest is placed right on the solution you have today and users can find what they are looking for.

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Curious about how it works? Here you can test searches using viasuggest.

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Simple to deploy

viasuggest drops into your current experience, no hassles.

We use linguistic analysis to identify the vocabulary of the content.

We implement a ranking scheme on the content according to your business goals.

You drop-in a small Java Script library in your frontend.

Choose your search

viasuggest offers solutions for everyone.


Easier way to a better search

from NOK 1 945,- per month

  • Display suggestions with title
  • Categorizes the suggestions
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Present your great content

from NOK 7 800,-
per month

  • Visual display of suggestions with image, title and excerpt
  • Categorizes the suggestions
  • Shows related content
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The best solution for online stores

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  • Visual display of suggestions with image, title, category, price and buy-button
  • Categorizes the suggestions
  • Shows related content
  • Enables strategic marketing by highlighting products in the suggest
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Why you will love viasuggest

Instant granular results

viasuggest also deploys technology which supports the suggestion of combined suggest terms which allows the effect of drill-downs even during querying.

Spelling errors

viasuggest handles powerful approximate search functionality which can handle erroneous input.

Find all that you have

viasuggest allows the complete content of millions of documents to be made “visible” to the user. Contrary to other suggests, the suggest terms are dynamically extracted from the document content.

It’s your UX. Your search.

There are many ways to configure the presentation and the ranking of the suggest terms to fit a large variety of application types. viasuggest can be layered on your current search engine.

viasuggest for commerce

viasuggest gives your shoppers the fastest access to what they are looking for. Products are updated in real-time and presented while the shopper is querying. viasuggest assures that users find relevant products when searching your site. With the majority of e-commerce revenue being driven through onsite search, improving the user experience is a guaranteed way to boost your site’s conversion rate and sales revenue.

viasuggest for content

Stop users from leaving your site to find what they are looking for on Google. Think of it as “the content concierge.” Keep users on your site while engaging with your content. viasuggest gives your readers the best tool to navigate through your content.

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