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We make data more efficiently accessible by structuring unstructured information, so that you can be more effective at your job.

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Smart Search

Help employees find the information they need in any location and in any format for better decisions.
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Get control of your data to become GDPR compliant. File personal data reports more easily.
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Enhanced Query

Deliver improved search results and relevance through smarter queries.
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What you get

Effective Workforce

Average office workers spend 2 hours per day searching for information. Lower the search time, save money and enhance satisfaction rates with VirtualWorks products.

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Our products are easy to use and require little or no training. If you can use Google, you can use our products.

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Content Connected

With over 60 connectors, extracting information from data sources is made quick and easy.

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Create and store personal search scopes to automatically retrieve the data you are most interested in. Personally tag results and add favourites.

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Semantic Analysis

We scan through all your documents and extract meaningful information to help users while searching.

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Our products are Single-Sign-On enabled and respect the security mechanisms of every source system being indexed.

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Get results in sub-second response time to engage users to browse data repositories with more engagement.

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Our products grow with your success. No matter your current size, we can grow with your company up to enterprise level.

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Open Source

Leverage existing Open Source Solr configurations and benefit from our value-adding enhancements like connectors, analytics and front-end frameworks.

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It Blends Right In

Our products can be easily embedded into any existing front-end layer like your CMS, CRM, DMS or any other system.

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VirtualWorks has a customer base with more than 500 clients across different industries and verticals like construction, energy, financial, governments and many more.

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