Find Information Across Your Enterprise Silos

The beauty of ViaWorks™ enterprise search solution is that it helps you find any piece of information – from email and scanned documents to CAD drawings or graphic files – no matter where it resides. People waste less time searching for information and more time using it to make better decisions, faster, and with a higher degree of confidence.

Enterprise Search

With ViaWorks, finding information inside your company firewall is as easy as doing an Internet search.

SharePoint Integration

Give your users access to all of your enterprise data without leaving SharePoint, including scanned files, Notes databases and email attachments.

Intranet and Enterprise Portals

Index all the data in your knowledge-rich applications and make it available right inside your company’s intranet.

Enterprise Content Management

Access files from inside or outside your ECM. Both ECM and non-ECM users have access to the data they need to do their jobs, regardless of where the data is stored or what the file type is.

Document Imaging

Unite your scanned files and network files into a high-performance, scalable index that allows people to find what they need without manual tagging or routing.

Data Migration

Gain seamless access to all your legacy data without having to move it, convert it or migrate it.