If employees don’t have the most relevant and accurate information at their fingertips, are they really making the best decisions?

  • with access to all your content from one search bar - anytime, anywhere
  • spending less time searching and more time adding value to your business
  • search from within connected applications all indexed repositories
  • with the ability to easily find already existing content

Stay connected, knowledgeable, and on top of the game with the viaworks enterprise search solution.

– virtual intelligence architecture

via is the foundation of all our products. It combines best of breed open source search and data technology with our proprietary super-performant language analysis and information extraction frameworks. This platform enables powerful information discovery applications like viaworks.

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Integrate information from every corner of your digital landscape. Connect to, index and search your CMS, DMS, CRM, email, business application, and so much more. Don’t see your system? We build custom connectors.

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Out-of-the-box Databases

Give users a seamless search and retrieval experience inside every application with viaworks integrations with Sharepoint and Outlook. Instantly deliver the information employees need to make decisions, serve customers and drive results, from within their workflow.

With viaworks, natural language and intuitive keywords easily find needed files. Save files anywhere – and even misspell the file name when saving or searching. Even better, find and retrieve files from any device—including PCs, iPads and smartphones.