Quickly Consolidate and Find Information,        No Matter Where It Is

ViaWorks™ automatically consolidates all of your corporate information into a highly searchable index, allowing your people to quickly find and retrieve any type of information from anywhere – all from a single point. Without the IT overhead of moving, migrating or converting a single piece of data. And without burdening users with preparing, organizing and tagging files in advance.

ViaWorks doesn’t require custom coding or complex integration, so you can deploy it in a day and realize value immediately.

  • Eliminates data silos and the hours spent hunting for data.
  • Lets you add data sources as you go with cost-effective modular configuration.
  • Allows users to access data anywhere, anytime from any device.
  • And, because ViaWorks bridges legacy apps, you can migrate to new cloud-based apps while keeping your existing data right where it is. ViaWorks seamlessly indexes and unifies local and remote data silos, whether in the data center or in the cloud.