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Enterprise Search Simplified


Find content anywhere, anytime

ViaWorks from VirtualWorks is an enterprise search solution enabling employees to locate the information they need to do their job more efficiently. ViaWorks combines a powerful enterprise search engine with an intuitive user interface. Integrated security provides secure access to content, giving relevancy and optimal results tuning control to the administrator.

ViaWorks leaves your content exactly where it is and makes it instantly and securely available to all your users from a single user interface with no disruption to your employee’s workflow.

Feature Highlights


Single Search
Single Search

Results from all indexed repositories can be searched and displayed in one location.

Optical Character Recognition
Optical Character Recognition

Embedded OCR engine makes all content, regardless of format or location, searchable.

Search Engine Framework
Search Engine Framework

Highly scalable, open source framework architecture can support terabytes of data.

Data Extensible
Data Extensible

No other solution is designed to embrace so many applications and file types while keeping the indexing overhead light.

Integrated Security
Integrated Security

Policy-driven authentication infrastructure automatically integrates with existing security schema, including Microsoft Active Directory.

Globalization & Localization

Can be localized to more than 10 languages including English, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish.

Rules Engine
Rules Engine

Comply with internal or external rules and regulations, set-up enhanced security, redact data, and remove content no longer relevant.

Advanced Analytics

Administrators can access reports on search utilization and performance. Learn top search terms and profiles, indexing status and more.

Latest Information
Access the Latest Information

Automatically updates the index when new content is added, modified, or deleted, as well as changes in security permissions.


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