Suggest to Your Users Everything They Can Find - and Instantly

Getting your users to the relevant content quickly is key to many different search applications such as online retail stores, news sites, travel portals etc. The best guidance towards your content is showing query suggestions right in the search box. These suggestions should explain what the user can actually search for.

In many current web sites, these suggestions are either not present or based on small and noisy query logs, and thus provide little information for your users.

viasuggest provides a unique way to draw suggestions directly from the content while also offering approximative matching, structured search with appropriate ranking and blazingly fast performance.

    1. Shows content -
      not only the query log
    2. Exhaustive
    1. Matches suggestions to information need - general or specific
    2. Incremental
    1. Tolerates typos and misspellings
    2. Approximative
    1. Suggestions ranked based on composite criteria
    2. Relevant

Shop at the speed of thought, viasuggest gives your shoppers the fastest access to what they’re looking for. Products are updated in real-time and presented while the shopper is querying. viasuggest assures that users find relevant products when searching your site. With the majority of ecommerce revenue being driven through onsite search, improving the user experiences a guaranteed way to boost your site’s conversion rate and sales revenue.

  • Easy place to make the sale.
  • People who use search, spend.
  • Increase revenues up to 30%
  • Users who find what they are looking for will return and become loyal users

Search plays a critical role in e-commerce. It’s your website sales associate. If the queries posed in the search box are not answered accurately and in a convenient way, a sale can be lost.

Think of it as “the content concierge.” Keep users on your site, engaging with your content, viasuggest gives your readers the best tool to navigate through your content. Stop users from leaving your site to find what they are looking for on Google.

  • Easy place to engage a visitor.
  • People who use search spend 2.5X as much time on site
  • Decrease in bounce rate 10-20%
  • Users who find what they are looking for will return and become loyal users

You spend enormous amounts of time and money in order to create lots of high-quality content on your website, but use some out of the box search tool to access this content, resulting in poor result quality and user experience. This means that your users leave your web site and revert to Google in order to search for content because the built-in search does not satisfy their needs. This poses a serious risk that they eventually end up finding relevant content on other sites than yours.

viasuggest has also deploys a technology which allows for the suggestion of combined suggest terms thus allowing the effect of drill-downs even during querying!

viasuggest elegantly handles powerful approximate search functionality which can handle erroneous input

viasuggest allows the complete content of millions of documents to be made “visible” to the user. Contrary to just about all other suggests, the suggest terms are dynamically extracted from the document content.

There are also many ways to configure the presentation and the ranking of the suggest terms to fit a large variety of application types. viasuggest can be layered on your current search engine.

– virtual intelligence architecture

via is the foundation of all our products. It combines best of breed open source search and data technology with our proprietary super-performant language analysis and information extraction frameworks. This platform enables powerful information discovery applications like viaworks.

More about

  • Simple and straightforward to use (via command shell or Web-GUI)
  • Index is composed of key-value associations
  • Index preprocessing / normalization (handling of diacritics, spaces/dashes and other non-alphanumerical chars)
  • UTF-8 support for international charsets
  • Per-record aliases are supported
  • Per-record boosts are supported
  • Postfiltering of results
  • Geographical approximation is supported via a fast 2D-Index
  • Robust Server/Client architecture (HTTP requests) with optimized throughput (up to 20,000 req/s - depending on the index) via smart preforking mechanism

As a type-ahead / autocomplete / suggest search interface, viasuggest comes in different flavors to exactly meet your users' needs:

  • Fault-tolerant one-box suggest
  • Hierarchical / grouped suggest
  • Iterative suggest (combining several input fields in one suggest box)
  • Embedded suggest (synthetic generation of billions of possible suggest terms)
  • Suggest boxes as a replacement to search
  • Suggest boxes as an add-on to search

viasuggest drops into your current experience, no hassles.

  1. We use linguistic analysis to identify the vocabulary of the content.
  2. We implement a ranking scheme on that content according to your business goals.
  3. You drop-in a small Java Script library in your frontend.