The Database Connectors will also come wrapped as installation sets. But, to index the source the database setup needs to be configured for each installation.

Basic config comes out of the box using templates, but some tailoring might be needed - depending on how the source database is configured.

These kind of customization can be performed by VirtualWorks Professional Services or any VirtualWorks Value Added Reseller.

Since the Connector is often customized for each customer and system, the installation is unique, and supports only the specific application version for which the installation was performed.

Source/System Category Objects Install Type Type Note
Acos Websak DMS Case, Registry Entry, Notes, Docs Standard DBC Requires API from ACOS
Advisor e-Case Document, Client, Contact, Case Custom IDS  
Agresso ERP Projects, Invoice Custom IDS  
Autonomy Worksite DMS Documents Custom IDS  
Basware Archive Documents Custom IDS  
Compello ERP Invoice, Documents Custom IDS  
Compendia HR Pages, Documents Custom IDS  
Conisio PDM   Custom IDS  
Contempus El. Invoice Invoice, Documents Custom IDS  
DocuLive DMS Documents Custom IDS  
eDocs DMS Document card, Document Standard DBC  
eJournal Support Tickets Custom IDS  
EK DMS Documents Standard DBC Datakvalitet AS
EMC Source One Archive E-mails, Attachements Custom IDS  
EONIC CMS Pages Custom IDS  
Ephorte DMS Case, Journal, Documents Standard DBC Requires API from Evry
Episerver CMS Pages, Docs Standard DBC  
ESA DMS Case, Documents Custom IDS  
Escenic CMS Pages Custom IDS  
eway CMS Employees, Documents Custom IDS  
Eye-share El. Invoice Invoice, Documents Custom IDS  
Fortis DMS   Custom IDS  
Gyldendal Rettsdata Legal Pages Custom IDS  
HEAT Support Calls, Emails Custom IDS  
IFS ERP Documents Custom IDS  
Infotjenester Personalhåndbok HR Articles, Catalog, Documents Custom IDS  
INS2000 CRM Database elements, Documents Custom IDS  
Maconomy ERP Customer, Invoice , Job, Vendorinvoice Custom IDS  
Microsoft Dynamics CRM CRM Accounts, Contacts, Projects, Tasks, Docs Standard IDS  
P360 DMS Case, Activity, Contact, Project, File, Docs Standard DBC Requires API from Software Innovation
ProArc DMS Document card, Document, File Standard DBCC Requires API from Software Innovation
Sitecore CMS CMS Pages, Documents Custom IDS  
Soludyne Process File, News, Process, Requirement, Section Custom IDS  
Tidemann Library Article, Book, Standard, Journal, Project, Conference, Report Custom IDS  
Visma Business ERP Supplier, Vendor, Invoice, Documents Custom IDS  
Visma CRM CRM Activity, Contacts, Customer, Email, Events, Inovice, Projects, Docs Custom IDS  
WisePublisher CMS Pages, Documents Custom IDS  

Please contact your VirtualWorks sales representative to determine if our Professional Services team can provide a custom SQL Connector for you.

Please check out our Out-of-the-box connectors as well.