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About VirtualWorks

VirtualWorks, a leader in enterprise search, enables people to search and locate content, structured and unstructured data, regardless of location — on-premise, cloud, or hybrid. Organizations from around the world turn to VirtualWorks when they need fast, accurate search results from an array of systems with no downtime. Founded in 2009 by Ed Iacobucci, co-founder of Citrix Systems, headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida with European headquarters in Oslo, Norway and regional offices in Stockholm, Sweden. VirtualWorks has over 300 private and public sector customers in seven countries throughout North America and Europe in a variety of industries including Insurance, Manufacturing, Legal, Financial, Energy, Healthcare among others. Virtualworks’ story began in Trondheim, Norway in 2000. That’s when InfoFinder AS was established to pioneer innovative approaches to locate critical information quickly and easily from silos spread across the enterprise.

Company Values

VirtualWorks was built on four core values:

Trust, Dedication, Innovation, Integrity



VirtualWorks delivers on the promises we make. We’re transparent about all of our technologies, products, and services. When new versions of our product are released, VirtualWorks strives for perfection and the utmost quality.


VirtualWorks always provides outstanding customer service. We have open support channels, and work closely with our customers and partners on all aspects of our product and service delivery.


We listen carefully to our customers, partners and market, invite feedback, and constantly develop new features and capabilities to solve business problems to stay ahead of the technology curve.


When we shake someone’s hand, say something in an email, or have a conversation, we live up to what we said. We’re good with people, and we develop excellent relationships with our partner community.


This is the VirtualWorks philosophy.

Living up to these values has given VirtualWorks a strong competitive advantage; we use our values to build better psolutions, maintain a reputation for quality products and services with our customers and partners.

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