About VirtualWorks

VirtualWorks helps organizations unleash the power of their corporate content. Tackling the challenge of data stored in disconnected silos, VirtualWorks helps people access, retrieve and work with the content they need to make better decisions, faster.


Adding a lite, virtualized content layer on top of existing data silos, ViaWorks™ enterprise search and indexing software quickly and automatically indexes, abstracts and normalizes all of the knowledge-rich content throughout your organization. This includes all your unstructured data and pdf, dwg, tiff, jpg, fax and gif files. It then makes all of this information easily accessible for search, analytics and big data — leveraging the search bars in the applications your people already use.


And ViaWorks accomplishes this all while leaving data exactly where it lives. There’s no migration, conversion, tagging or hard coding of any data; no disruption of current workflows or infrastructure; and no expensive or months-long implementation. Instead, ViaWorks deploys quickly with plug-and-play simplicity and begins returning value in days.


Founded in 2009, VirtualWorks is making work simpler by providing easy knowledge access. The company is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida and has regional offices in Atlanta, Norway and Sweden.