Unleash the power of information no matter where it resides

The volume, velocity and variety of data are exploding. It’s filling data centers and spreading across the cloud. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find or easy to access. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The problem of data sprawl requires new and innovative solutions. Brute-force tactics just don’t cut it any more.

VirtualWorks was founded in 2009 to tackle data sprawl by introducing a new enterprise information architecture.

Unlock your real-time enterprise

Our mission is to make enterprise information instantly and securely accessible — regardless of what it is, where it lives or who needs it — through affordable, pre-integrated packaged software. We call this vision the ‘Indexed Enterprise’, where every user can find what they need, regardless of where it resides. And organizations unleash the power and value of their information, turning it into a true asset instead of a management liability. In short, the Indexed Enterprise is a smarter, real-time business ready to deploy its knowledge better, faster and more thoroughly.