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TechnologyAdvice interviews our very own Doug Geller, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management.  Click on the Podcast to be one of the first to hear from Doug. He discusses his background, SharePoint as he sees it now and the future, and ... More →

The intranet and enterprise search are a promising and logical combination.

Combining application functionality is a noble mission for today's IT departments. The drive to place more functionality in fewer pieces of software is notable because operational environments can be extremely complex, which is detrimental to users. ... More →

Affordable storage is a boon to businesses, but there may be an unseen price to pay.

Making sound technology investments and getting strong returns are key pages in the IT playbook. When it comes to managing big data and the massive increase in data velocity, variety and volume, this could be troublesome. No matter how hard employees ... More →

The best way to make data available may involve a hands-off approach

When IT departments see how complex their information storage infrastructures have become, their first inclination might be to tame the data, to convert legacy information into newer formats and simplify the locations in which the data is kept. ... More →

Numerous employees should have data access.

Using information from applications both new and old and from documents of all ages has become a part of the average workday. Employees need access to content if they are to stay efficient. Finding an enterprise search tool simple enough for ... More →


The impact of indexing on day-to-day information access can be significant, no matter the type of company in question. Searching for information is a regular part of the office routine for a multitude of knowledge workers and a smaller but still ... More →

Data environments are remarkably complex today.

Businesses trying to create sensible and easy to navigate information environments have to face off against dual disruptive forces. Information is always pouring in, much of it unstructured content - including emails, .pdfs, productivity app data ... More →

Uniting a company requires strong digital building blocks.

Businesses have a complex relationship with their own IT environments. The webs of solutions that make companies function have been growing at a relentless pace in recent years, and businesses' expansions and close relationships with other firms have ... More →


Companies rely on sound decision-making from every level of the organization to compete effectively. A failure in leadership, marketing, finance, HR or anything in between could cause trouble that will ripple through the whole infrastructure. Sound ... More →

Technology is evolving quickly. What happens to data created by old programs?

The current generation of digital enterprise solutions is being built atop the previous one. Companies have spent a few generations relying on information technology, meaning there are old productivity apps going unused. This is how the march of ... More →

Gaining new apps in the cloud can contribute to data sprawl.

Companies hoping to develop new capabilities before their rivals don't have to wait through new hardware or software installation. The current generation of IT solutions is available in the cloud. That means direct access to new capabilities could be ... More →

Efficiency in IT may involve finding away around complex data storage issues.

Information silos have become a recurring problem for businesses running many different applications as part of their daily operations. IT leaders may be surveying the situation with concern, wondering whether they should wait to do something or just ... More →

Don't just tell employees to use the intranet: Make it powerful enough to be worth their while.

The concept behind intranet portals is sound, in that companies have much to gain from pooling employee knowledge and enabling teamwork through the use of technology. Connectivity is a definite benefit in business, and an intranet environment can ... More →

Paper is old-fashioned. The solutions that replace it should focus on the future.

Companies today have enough tough decisions to deal with, being exposed to any undue risk is simply unacceptable. That's what filing cabinets full of papers represent: a serious risk. Leaving physical documentation alone is a problem, and the ... More →

Creating a go-to portal for enterprise IT could be a strong approach.

There are a multitude of different applications in regular use by organizations today, and the diversity of file types is only increasing. According to Aberdeen Group research, organizations relied on an average of 31 different data sources in 2012 ... More →

Finding the right file can be tricky, considering how many file types are in use.

Searching and finding company information can be a great cause of employee frustration. What should be a nearly instantaneous process can suddenly consume a significant part of employees' days, lowering their overall productivity and putting a dent ... More →

Data sprawl: the new normal

Companies' digital ecosystems are becoming crowded.

The way business is conducted today is conducive to increasing data volume, velocity and variety. This can be troubling for IT, as every action taken seemingly pushes organizations closer to an information environment they cannot control. The future ... More →

Office operations can improve when one program becomes the focal point.

Ensuring employee collaboration is a top priority on many business agendas, and IT leaders are eager to find tools that can make this happen. Microsoft SharePoint may be the enabling platform they are looking for. Integrating this collaboration ... More →