It’s empowering! That moment when you deploy (Virtual Intelligence Architecture) to unlock the power of unstructured data, and realize you’re able to provide continuous actionable insight that is integrated within your workflow.

Searching and retrieving content is not really a challenge anymore. There are many open source frameworks that do that quite well. However, none of them are particularly good at text search, because they do not understand your content. Thus, they cannot really provide good relevance and user experience out of the box. And above all, they cannot proactively generate new insights that you did not even know were in your content.

can — our unique linguistic approach to analyzing human-generated content is making the impossible possible.

– virtual intelligence architecture

via is the foundation of all our products. It combines best of breed open source search and data technology with our proprietary super-performant language analysis and information extraction frameworks. This platform enables powerful information discovery applications like viaworks.

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Our products and solutions at a glance.

viasuggest provides a unique way to draw suggestions directly from the content while also offering approximative matching, structured search with appropriate ranking and blazingly fast performance.

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Give users a seamless search and retrieval experience inside every application with viaworks integrations with Sharepoint and Outlook.

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Beat Google at their own game. Do it on your own terms, providing a better search experience and more exhaustive relevance

We’re passionate about transforming unstructured data into beautiful tables. viainsight enables businesses to profit from the words in their data by making better decisions

Not happy with your Solr or ElasticSearch performance and the recall/precision of your searches? We provide Search Engine Consultancy and offer several linguistic plugins for Solr and ElasticSearch.


With via lexicon our clients get access to high-coverage electronic dictionaries that help recognize all the different forms in which a word may appear. via lexicon is available for all major European languages.


We solve business problems with data analysis tailored to your needs. Leveraging Machine Learning, Linguistic Analysis and years of experience solving complicated problems.

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